Can I Buy Another Shovel In Link’S Awakening?

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Complete The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening without a single death recorded on your save file and you’ll unlock a secret ending after the game’s credits..

Link’s Awakening ItemsSword.Koholint Sword.Shield.Mirror Shield.Bomb.Boomerang.Bow.Hookshot.More items…

No, you don’t need the Boomerang to do anything in Link’s Awakening, though it is beneficial to be able to hit or stun enemies from a distance without wasting arrows.

The Koholint Sword, also known as the Level 2 Sword, is an upgraded version of the sword that Link starts his quest with in Link’s Awakening. It can be found at the Seashell Mansion in the Ukuku Prairie, east of Mabe Village.

Link’s Awakening It is called the Deluxe Shovel, but is exactly the same as other shovels. It is available in the Town Tool Shop for 200 Rupees. It can be used to uncover many objects from the ground and is required to dig up the Slime Key in Pothole Field.

How to Get Shovel in Link’s AwakeningGo to the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village.Buy the shovel for 200 rupees.Equip the shovel by assigning it to one of the buttons in the menu.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening contains plenty of secrets and awkwardly placed quest items. When you run into Richard, he wants you to find five golden leaves in the castle, and if you do that, he says he has a reward for you. You will, however, need a shovel if you want to be able to get at that reward.

Should I trade shovel for Boomerang?

The best item to trade is the Shovel. This is especially true if you have already collected all of the Secret Seashells. Late in the game, the shovel is no longer required to proceed. Unfortunately, the Boomerang isn’t free.

Link’s Awakening Switch GearBomb. Bombs can be obtained from the shop in Mabe Village or from various drops throughout the game. … Boomerang. The boomerang can be obtained by completing the Trading Sequence quest. … Bow. … Deluxe Shovel. … Flippers. … Hookshot. … Koholint Sword. … Magic Powder.More items…

Can you get another shovel after trade for Boomerang?

The Boomerang is the last item you can get after completing the Link’s Awakening Trading Sequence. … Once inside, a once invisible Moblin will trade you the Boomerang for another item. We gave it our Deluxe Shovel and later bought it back for 300 Rupees.

Can you have the shovel and boomerang?

User Info: hihi123hihi. Idk about the original, but in DX and the switch remake he only trades it for the shovel so you can have either the shovel or boomerang but not both. The only use for the shovel is seashells and the slime key anyways.

Meet Goriya to get the Boomerang Inside, talk to Goriya (who you can only see now that you’ve got the Magnifying Glass). He’ll trade you the Boomerang for what you have equipped in one of your slots.