Is 10000 AED Enough In Dubai?

Is 15000 AED enough in Dubai?

Generally, 15,000 in Dubai is a very good salary and you will live a very good life.

It just takes some time to adjust your financial plan and routine..

Is 10k AED good salary in Dubai?

10,000 AED would be a moderate amount for a decent life, if you could elaborate more about your definition of decency. Nonetheless as other fellow Quorian has correctly pointed out about cost of living in Dubai. … A typical and decent bed space will cost you around 1000–2000 AED with all basic amenities.

Is 10000 AED enough in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, It is more than enough to live for a single person. As you are aware Abudhabi is fantastic place to live, so many foriegners coming here every day to visit and enjoy this place, If you want to spend the entire 10,000 AED in two days that also very possible.

Is 11000 AED a good salary in Dubai?

AED 11,000 would be just enough to survive for you in UAE. Currently the cost of living is quite high in Dubai and for a single person this might be sufficient. However, not much money can be saved. … A salary of AED 15,000+ would be ideal in your case.