Question: What Is A Rangy Build?

What is the meaning of rangy?

1 : able to range for considerable distances.

2a : long-limbed and long-bodied rangy cattle.

b : tall and slender.

3 : having room for ranging..

Is Rangey a word?

rangy adj. Slender and long of limb; lanky. rangy adj.

What is the meaning of brevity?

shortness of duration: shortness of duration especially : shortness or conciseness of expression.

What does loping mean?

1 : an easy natural gait of a horse resembling a canter. 2 : an easy usually bounding gait capable of being sustained for a long time. lope. verb. loped; loping.

What is a sylph mythology?

Sylph (also called sylphid) is a mythological air spirit. The term originates in the 16th-century works of Paracelsus, who describes sylphs as (invisible) beings of the air, his elementals of air.

What does the brevity of life mean?

briefnessshortness of time or duration; briefness: the brevity of human life. the quality of expressing much in few words; terseness: Ironically, it is long-winded Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet who famously says that brevity is the soul of wit.

What does skittered mean?

1a : to glide or skip lightly or quickly. b : to move in or as in a jittery or jerky way leaves skittering over the sidewalk. 2 : to twitch the hook of a fishing line through or along the surface of water. transitive verb. : to cause to skitter.

How many beats are in a trot?

twoThe trot is a two-beat pace of alternate diagonal legs (left fore with right hind leg and vice versa) separated by a moment of suspension in-between beats. There are four types of trot: working trot, lengthening of steps, collected trot, medium trot and extended trot.

What is the example of brevity?

The definition of brevity is defined as the quality of being brief. An example of brevity is a point made quickly and clearly. The quality or state of being brief in duration. The quality of being brief; shortness of time.

What does transfixed mean?

1 : to hold motionless by or as if by piercing he stood transfixed by her gaze. 2 : to pierce through with or as if with a pointed weapon : impale. Other Words from transfix Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about transfix.

What does succinctness mean?

1. Characterized by clear, precise expression in few words; concise and terse: a succinct reply; a succinct style. 2. Archaic Encircled as if by a girdle; girded.

What does Sylphlike mean?

adj moving and bending with ease. Synonyms: lissom, lissome, lithe, lithesome, slender, supple, svelte graceful. characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution.

What does the word lissome mean?

1a : easily flexed. b : lithe sense 2. 2 : nimble.

Is Fangy a Scrabble word?

No, fangy is not in the scrabble dictionary.