Question: Where Do I Get Arrows In Ocarina Of Time?

How do I get the Deku Shield in Ocarina of Time?

The Deku Shield is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

It is the first shield available in the game and is obtained from the shop in Kokiri Forest for 40 Rupees.

Link must obtain and equip a Deku Shield as well as the Kokiri Sword before Mido will allow him access to the grove of the Great Deku Tree..

How do you beat Snowhead Temple?

Either jump to them and kill them with Fire Punches or sword slashes, or simply shoot them from afar with Fire Arrows, which is much safer. Once all three of them are defeated, a chest will appear containing the seventh Stray Fairy.

Where do I buy arrows in Ocarina of Time?

User Info: yoda2323. Nevermind. Kakariko Village sells them.

Where do you get arrows in Legend of Zelda?

Arrows come in six types and can be purchased from Beedle at Stables, in general stores in villages, or from the arrow stalls in:Tarrey Town (following the From the Ground Up Side Quest)Gerudo Town.Rito Village.Hateno Village.Kakariko Village.

How do you get a bigger arrow bag in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, there are two ways to obtain the Big Quiver. Link can either win it in the Shooting Gallery of Kakariko Village with a perfect score, or in the Horseback Archery in Gerudo’s Fortress when scoring at least 1,500 points. The Big Quiver allows Link to hold up to 40 arrows in total.

How do you get the 50 arrow quiver in Ocarina of Time?

The Giant Quiver can be won by getting a sufficiently high score in either the Town Shooting Gallery or the Swamp Shooting Gallery, whichever Link beats second. It allows Link to carry a maximum of 50 arrows.

In Ocarina of Time, the Shooting Gallery is situated in the Market, but moves to Kakariko Village after Ganon’s takeover. To win, Link must successfully shoot all ten Rupee-shaped targets in succession, some of which move, using fifteen shots. If Link hits at least eight targets, he will be given a free retry.

How do I get to Snowhead Temple?

Activate the Owl Statue. There is an owl statue here near the entrance of Snowhead. … Stop the Blizzard. Before you can reach the Snowhead Temple, you have to stop the blizzard in Snowhead. … Reach the Temple. Now that the wind has stopped blowing, you can reach the temple.

Where do I get arrows in Majora’s Mask?

Light Arrows are an Item in Majora’s Mask that increase the damage your Hero’s Bow does, as well as doing magical light based attacks that can be used on light-based puzzles. Located in the Stone Tower after defeating the Garo Master, they allow Link to cast magical light on objects.

What should I buy in Ocarina of Time?

GearHylian Shield. Used by: Adult/Young Link. … Mirror Shield. advertisement. … Kokiri Sword. Used by: Young Link. … Master Sword. Used by: Adult Link. … Giant’s Knife. Used by: Adult Link. … Biggoron’s Sword. Used by: Adult Link. … Kokiri Tunic. Used by: Adult/Young Link. … Goron Tunic. Used by: Adult Link.More items…•

How many arrows are in a quiver?

10 arrowsTypically, hunters carry no more than 10 arrows in one quiver and the rest of them are usually carried elsewhere their packs. However, when it comes to medieval archers, it is known that they were carrying 60 arrows in one single quiver.

How do I get a bigger quiver in Twilight Princess?

Your initial quiver can hold a mere 30 arrows, but you can earn two larger quivers by playing The Castle Town’s STAR mini game. (Clawshot required) Completing the game once will reward you with the Big Quiver which has capacity for 60 arrows.

How do I get the Hylian Shield in Ocarina of Time?

Ocarina of Time Link can find the Hylian Shield in a grave in the Kakariko Village Graveyard at Kakariko Village, or purchase it from the Bazaar in Hyrule Castle Town in the present or Kakariko Village in the future for 80 Rupees.

Can you keep the bow of light?

You can’t keep it, but you can take it out of the fight arena.

How do you get the biggest quiver in Majora’s Mask?

The Largest Quiver is an obtainable item acquired within Majora’s Mask. Link obtains the quiver when he completes the mini-game in the Swamp Shooting Gallery with 2120 points. The quiver is an upgrade to the Large Quiver, and can hold up to 50 Arrows.

How do you get the Biggoron sword in Ocarina of Time?

Head to Gerudo Valley, which is located on the west side of Hyrule Field. Cross the bridge with Epona or the Longshot and give the Poacher’s Saw to the master craftsman standing outside of the tent. He will give you the Broken Biggoron’s Sword.

How do you hold more arrows in Majora’s Mask?

The Big Arrow Quiver is an Item upgrade in Majora’s Mask, and lets you carry more arrows in your quiver. Visit the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town and get a high score of 40+ to get the upgrade.