Quick Answer: What Is A Broken Out Section View?

What are the 7 types of section views?

Types of Sectional ViewsFull Section.

If the imaginary cutting plane passes through the entire object, splitting the drawn object in two with the interior of the object revealed, this is called a “full section.” A full section is the most widely-used sectional view.Half View.

Offset View.

Revolving View.

Broken View..

How do you do a broken out section view in SolidWorks?

A broken-out section view cuts away a portion of an assembly in a drawing view to expose the inside….Broken-Out Section View on Alternate Position ViewIn an alternate position view, click Insert > Drawing View > Broken-out Section . … Sketch a closed profile such as a spline.In the PropertyManager, set options.Click .

What is a revolved section view?

Revolved sections are made by assuming a plane perpendicular to the centerline or axis of the bar or other object, and then revolving the plane through 90 degrees about a centerline at right angles to the axis.

What is a aligned section view in SolidWorks?

You can create an aligned section view in a drawing through a model, or portion of a model, that is aligned with a selected section line segment. The aligned section view is similar to a Section View , but the section line for an aligned section comprises two or more lines connected at an angle.

What is full section view?

When a cutting plane line passes entirely through an object, the resulting section is called a full section Fig.

What is broken section?

A broken-out section is part of an existing drawing view, that is used to remove material to a specified depth in order to expose inner details of a model. A closed profile, usually a spline, defines the broken-out section.

What is projected view in Solidworks?

Projected views are created by folding off an existing view in one of eight possible projections. The resulting view orientation is affected by the setting of First angle or Third angle projection as defined in the drawing sheet properties.

What is a removed section view?

The removed section view is a zero-thickness slice through the model showing only cut edges and hatching perpendicular to the cutting line. That’s different than the traditional section view, which is projected parallel to the cutting line.

What is half section view?

• A half-section is a view of an object showing one-half of the view in section. Half Section. • Symmetrical parts can be shown in half sections.

How do you crop a view in Solidworks?

To crop a view:In a drawing view, sketch a closed profile such as a circle.Click Crop View. (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Crop. The view outside the profile disappears. A circle is drawn on this Section View. After cropping, only the view inside the circle is displayed.

What is the purpose of a section view?

A sectional view or a section looks inside an object. Sections are used to clarify the interior construction of a part that cannot be clearly described by hidden lines in exterior views. By taking an imaginary cut through the object and removing a portion, the inside features may be seen more clearly.

When and why is a section view necessary?

In which case, the direction of sight is towards one half of the object. The other half is then mentally discarded. Drafters use sectional views to improve the clarity of complex objects when internal surfaces result in too many hidden lines. Special conventions are used to make a sectional view easy to understand.

What is full section and half section?

Full Section. Replacing the view. Half Section. Half Section is used to the exterior and interior of the part in the same view. The cutting-plane line cuts halfway through the part and removes one quarter of the material.

What are the different types of section views?

There are a number of different types of sectional views that can be drawn. A few of the more common ones are: full sections, half sections, broken sections, rotated or revolved sections, removed sections, offset sections, and assembly sections.

When should a full section be used?

Full sections This type of section is used for both detail and assembly drawings. When the cutting plane divides the object into two identical parts, it is not necessary to indicate its location.