Quick Answer: What Is A Gando?

Is Bodoh a bad word?

Fool or ignorance is lack of intelligence, understanding, reason, jokes or reasoning.

The stupid behavior of a person results in or indicates a low intelligence or a weak learning ability.

It is often used as a cursing and insulting word because it has a negative connotation..

What does Goondu mean?

Goondu. Original Malay meaning: marble (spelt gundu in Malay) Singlish meaning: idiotic. The Malay word gundu refers to something hard and heavy, therefore in Singlish goondu evolved to mean someone who is stupid or thick.

What is Gandu?

Answered July 25, 2018. ‘Gaand’ means a*shole, Gaandu means someone who behaves like one. Another popular use, someone who takes it in his ass, mostly a gay. Having told the actual meaning, the word is mostly used as a no harm among friends, and even to strangers.

What is the meaning of Gundu in English?

Meanings in english : As noun : bullet. round stone. cannon ball. On this page you will get the synonyms, definition, meanings and translation of gundu (గుండు) with similar words.

What does some DUNT mean?

1 chiefly Scottish : a heavy blow or stroke. 2 chiefly Scottish : bruise, wound. 3 chiefly Scottish : a quickened beat of the heart : throb. 4 Scottish : a sizable lump.

Is DUNT a Scrabble word?

DUNT is a valid scrabble word.