Quick Answer: Why Is Grian Called Grian?

Does Grian have brother?

His real name is Charles Batchelor.

He has a sister..

What happened to Grian and Sam?

Trivia. – Grian and Sam have currently gone their seperate ways in terms of Youtube, this is because Grian and Taurtis were not given much money for the time and effort that they put into the series that they did with Samuel Gladiator. However Taurtis and Grian still collaborate.

Why did Taurtis stop uploading?

In September 2019, Taurtis took an unannounced break from YouTube, not posting videos or livestreaming. He took this break for over a year until October 6th, 2020, when he released a TwitLonger stating that he was going through mental issues after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Is Grian still friends with Taurtis?

Taurtis, known by his real name as “Joey” is a gaming Youtuber. … He has a very good friendship with a youtuber called Grian and used to have a good relationship with SamGladiator. Sadly, they both stopped being friends with an undiscovered reason.

Does Grian own Wynncraft?

Wynncraft is a Minecraft Server founded by Grian, Salted and Jumla in 2011.

Why did Grians server shut down?

Shut Down. mc.grian.net was shut down for multiple reasons in 2018, mainly because of the monthly cost. The people who had bought something in the last 30 Days of the server being up got a refund from Grian’s own money.