Should I Use Elixir?

Should I learn elixir?

Learning Elixir can make you a better programmer in other languages.

There are a number of stories, from people who come from object-oriented languages, who found that the process of learning Elixir made them a better programmer in their language of choice..

Who uses elixir?

Pinterest is one of the biggest online companies to have successfully used Elixir. In Q3 of 2018, the service had 250 million active users pinning 175 billion items to their boards. Their speedy growth might have had something to do with their conversion to Elixir in 2014.

Why is elixir so fast?

Web servers are fast in Elixir because web servers don’t do anything most of the time – most of the time they are just waiting. Either for request data or for database, etc. Elixir/Erlang are excellent at finding things to do when one of the processes doesn’t do anything, which makes them generally fast at web servers.

What is Elixir and Phoenix?

Phoenix is a web framework built with the Elixir programming language. Elixir, built on the Erlang VM, is used for building low-latency, fault-tolerant, distributed systems, which are increasingly necessary qualities of modern web applications.

Is Elixir easy to learn?

Elixir is easy to learn. Phoenix is a little hard, framework is always hard. Is there some simple enough tutorial? Elixir and Phoenix weren’t that difficult to figure out, even for someone without a lot of prior experience.

Is Elixir better than Erlang?

You are building a large, distributed, and high-availability web app: Both Elixir and Erlang support concurrency and fault tolerance. However, Elixir fares better than Erlang in this regard. … It supports concurrency without any notable degradation of performance.

Should I learn Erlang?

Should i learn Erlang? Yes. At the very least, knowing at least basic Erlang will give you an appreciation for functional programming techniques, and will help with understanding more modern languages in Erlang’s sphere of influence (like Elixir and LFE).

Does WhatsApp use elixir?

What are some programs built on elixir? WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have seen great success by using an Erlang-powered stack that helps them process over 50 billion messages per day with greater than 99.9% uptime.

Does discord use elixir?

Discord also uses Elixir as the control plane of their audio and video services, also known as signaling, which establishes communication between users. … The Elixir services communicate between them using Distributed Erlang, the communication protocol that ships as part of the Erlang Virtual Machine.

Is Elixir a lisp?

Elixir ASTs, unlike Lisp programs which are composed of nested lists, are composed of nested tuples. Each tuple contains three parts: the name of the function being called, any necessary metadata related to the function call, any any arguments being passed into that function.

Why does Phoenix have elixir?

Phoenix takes good advantage of Elixir and Erlang features. The Elixir programming language gives Phoenix an enjoyable developer experience and speed. … This makes Phoenix great to build highly concurrent systems with good distribution mechanism, fault-tolerance and high availability. It’s still early days for Phoenix.

What is elixir language good for?

Elixir is a powerful and dynamic programming language that builds on the strength of predecessors such as Ruby and Erlang. It’s an excellent choice for any situation where performance and scalability are at a premium, including web applications and IoT development projects.

Should I learn Erlang or elixir?

I think what you’re gonna see is that most Elixir developers don’t need to learn Erlang, but the best Elixir developers will be familiar with both to an extent. Using Erlang libraries in Elixir is easy such that you don’t have to worry about the weirdness of Erlang’s syntax.

Should I learn elixir 2020?

If you are like me, I want to suggest that you learn Elixir in 2020. The reason is that within this one language and its ecosystem there are a number of different concepts, ideas, and patterns that present new things. And, learning things that are related to one another makes them easier to grok and easier to remember.

Is Erlang easy to learn?

Erlang is not very hard to learn. … Elixir is Erlang in more pragmatic. It uses the same VM. You can natively use all Erlang libraries and you can achieve things much easier with much less configuration and code.

What means elixir?

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What can I do with Elixir?

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