What 3d Files Can Revit Import?

How do I export a 3d CAD file to Revit?

HelpOpen the 3D view of the project to export.Click File tab Export CAD Formats (DWG files).In the DWG Export dialog, click (Modify Export Setup).On the Solids tab of the Modify DWG/DXF Export Setup dialog, select Export as AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP Objects.

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Can you import 3ds Max into Revit?

Export the desired 3DS Max file (MAX) as either a DWG, DXF or ADSK file. Revit does not allow for MAX files to be directly imported. You will need to convert the file into a file type that is allowed by exporting the file.

What can civil 3d do?

On top of all the AutoCAD tools, Civil 3D has a full range of features to create all kinds of civil designs. It can create surveys, highways, junctions, roundabouts, railways, land developments, storm drainage networks, sewer networks and underground utilities, amongst others.

How do I export a Revit model?

Export your Revit Model to a STL FileClick Add-in tab STL Exporter panel (STL Exporter for Revit).On the General tab, specify your STL file options.On the Categories tab, specify which element categories will export to the STL file.Click Save to create the STL file or click Cancel to close STL Exporter.

Can Revit import DWG files?

Revit supports the import of ACIS objects contained in DWG, DXF, DGN, and SAT files. You can incorporate a Trimble® SketchUp® design into a Revit project to provide a starting point for the building model. You can import 3D geometry from supported file formats and applications.

Can I open FBX in AutoCAD?

The FBX file format is an open framework for 3D data transfer that creates a high level of interoperability among Autodesk programs. For example, in Autodesk 3ds Max, you can export a file as an FBX file, and then open that file in AutoCAD to view and edit the objects, lights, cameras, and materials.

What is FBX file?

The Autodesk FBX file format is a popular 3D data interchange format utilized between 3D editors and game engines. It was originally created as the native file format for Kaydara’s Filmbox motion capture tool. The FBX format name and extension is derived from that application name FilmBox.

How do I import a SketchUp model into Revit?

Import SketchUp FilesCreate a family in the Family Editor. See Revit LT Families.Click Insert tab Import panel (Import CAD).In the Import CAD Formats dialog, navigate to the folder that contains the SKP file.For Files of Type, select the SKP file type.Select the file to import.Specify the desired import settings. … Click Open.

What files can be imported into Revit?

Revit supports a wide range of industry standards and file formats, including:Revit native formats: RVT, RFA, RTE, RFT.CAD formats: DGN, DWF, DWG, DXF, IFC, SAT, and SKP.Image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and TIF.Other formats: ODBC, HTML, TXT, and gbXML.

How do I import a 3d model into Revit?

Open a Revit project or family, and use the Import CAD tool to import 3D geometry from supported applications. For information about how imported 3D shapes can be used in families and projects, see About Importing 3D Shapes. Open the project or family into which you want to import the 3D geometry.

Can you import FBX into Revit?

You don’t. However you can import your FBX into 3DS Max and re-export it out as a DWG or DXF. Revit will then be able to import the file. Even better news – NavisWorks will do it directly for you.

How do I import into Revit?

Import a CAD FileClick Insert tab Import panel (Import CAD).In the dialog, for Files of type, select the desired file type.Navigate to the folder that contains the file to import, and select the file. … Specify options. … Click Open.More items…•

Can Revit import OBJ files?

You can import OBJ in FormIt, save as FormIt file, then Import in Revit.

Can Civil 3d open Revit files?

#3: Import Civil 3D Corridors into Revit In Revit, you can either Link or Import the CAD file to insert the newly created corridor solids.