What Is A Plausible Scenario?

What does plausible cause mean?


1 apparently reasonable, valid, truthful, etc.

a plausible excuse.

2 apparently trustworthy or believable..

What is optimistic scenario?

1 the tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things. 2 hopefulness; confidence.

What is the difference between plausible and possible?

Plausible is referred to an explanation, an argument, or a statement, while possible is referred to a fact, or an event. For example, my explanation on how in future time traveling will be possible could be plausible, but that doesn’t mean traveling through time will be possible.

What is difference between possible and probable?

If something is possible, it could happen. Possibility means that there is hope. This is where most things begin. If something is probable, it is likely to happen.

How do you use plebeian in a sentence?

Plebeian in a Sentence 🔉There is no way the plebeian could afford the country club’s expensive dues. … During the formal event, the plebeian looked out of place because she was not wearing a formal gown. … The millionaire called the hotel a plebeian accommodation because it did not offer room service.More items…

What is a scenario model?

The output is a new model that describes the scenario in a more detailed formalism, usually a set of variables and equations, which the model-based reasoner can employ readily. … Such a model, which normally contains conceptual participants and interrelationships, is called a scenario model.

What does curtail mean?

shorten, curtail, abbreviate, abridge, retrench mean to reduce in extent. shorten implies reduction in length or duration.

What does insensibility mean?

Insensibility(noun) the state or quality of being insensible; want of sensibility; torpor; unconsciousness; as, the insensibility produced by a fall, or by opiates. Insensibility(noun) want of tenderness or susceptibility of emotion or passion; dullness; stupidity.

What is the meaning of plausible?

superficially fair, reasonable, or valuable1 : superficially fair, reasonable, or valuable but often specious a plausible pretext. 2 : superficially pleasing or persuasive a swindler … , then a quack, then a smooth, plausible gentleman— R. W. Emerson. 3 : appearing worthy of belief the argument was both powerful and plausible.

How do you use plausible in a sentence?

(1) She could find no plausible explanation for its disappearance. (2) He did not think it plausible that all the differences could be explained in this way. (3) A more plausible explanation would seem to be that people are fed up with the Conservative government. (4) His story was/sounded perfectly plausible.

What are synonyms for plausible?


How do you use plausible deniability in a sentence?

Deniability sentence examplesYou’ve enough plausible deniability to last the rest of your nine lives. … You ‘ve enough plausible deniability to last the rest of your nine lives. … plausible deniability to last the rest of your nine lives.More items…

What is scenario analysis used for?

Scenario analysis is commonly used to estimate changes to a portfolio’s value in response to an unfavorable event and may be used to examine a theoretical worst-case scenario.

How do we perform scenario analysis?

Steps to Performing Scenario Analysis in Financial Modeling List the assumptions you want to create scenarios for. Copy and paste the list of assumptions according to the number of scenarios you wish to have. Fill in all details of each scenario. Ensure the layout of all three scenarios is identical.