What Is The Definition Of Leave?

What is the synonym and antonym of leave?

lead, provide, leave alone, exit, leave behind, go away, give, will, get out, result, pull up stakes, go out, entrust, pass on, depart, forget, bequeath, go forth, allow, impart, allow for.

Antonyms: get, arrive, come.

exit, go out, get out, leave(verb).

What is the mean of leave?

To leave is to go away or exit. You can leave the country, the house, or a job. This has many meanings, most having to do with departing. Getting permission to take time off from work is taking a leave of absence. To not disturb something is to leave it alone.

Can we leave Meaning?

Can I leave: here you are asking for permission if you can go now or leave the place you are at in present.

Where do u live or leave?

where you live vs where do you leave. “Where you live” is missing the helping verb “do.” “Where do you leave” is incorrect because “leave” should be “live.”

How many types of leave are there?

Besides the number of leaves, potential employees also want to know the types of leaves that the company has provided, for different needs and emergencies that the employee has. In this article, we’re looking into the 10 types of leave of absence every company must provide its employees.

Did you leave or left?

1 Answers. Did you leave? is the correct one.

Did she leave or left?

If you’re speaking about a past action, you can use either left or gone almost interchangeably, but if you: want to use left — most people will just say she left for the day, although some might say she’s left for the day.

What is a better word for leave?

depart from, go away from, go from, withdraw from, retire from, take oneself off from, exit from, take one’s leave of, pull out of, quit, be gone from, decamp from, disappear from, abandon, vacate, absent oneself from, evacuate.

How do you use leave in a sentence?

Leave sentence examplesWhat time are we going to leave tomorrow? … If one of us has to leave, I’ll go. … I was just getting ready to leave the house. … Standing, she turned to leave the room. … Leave the tripod in my care until we get an answer. … Why should she leave it now?More items…

What is the difference between live and leave?

Originally Answered: What is the difference between ‘live’ and ‘leave’? Live is to remain alive or to reside. And , leave means to go away from the current place to somewhere else.

How do you describe leave?

Here are some adjectives for leaves: greatest holy, cumulative loose, broad succulent, green, rolled-up, involucral, withered but familiar, single fragrant, brilliant quaint, veined, metal, slightly withered but familiar, resilient and fragrant, white initial, palest dead, transverse terminal, narrow, ribbed, antheral, …

What’s another word for leave me alone?

What is another word for leave alone?disregardget off somebody’s backleave somebody to himself or herselfleave well enough alonelet alonelet bepay no attentionleave somebody to his/her own devicesleave beleave off3 more rows